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Humidity + Hair: 3 Tips for Beating the Frizz!

Humidity + Hair: 3 Tips for Beating the Frizz!

Humidity can wreak havoc on your smooth, fresh locks mere seconds after you finish styling. Up here in the Northeast, it’s something we’re very familiar with - every summer we deal with suffocating levels of moisture in the air. That’s why we at Paul Joseph Professional focused so much on frizz prevention, and we’ve got some insider tips on how to keep that mane tamed in even the most humid climates! 

First and foremost, it’s important to understand WHY our hair frizzes in humidity. Of course we all know the chemical makeup of water is 2 parts hydrogen and 1 part oxygen - therefore on a particularly muggy day, there are high levels of hydrogen in the air. The chemical makeup of our hair is sensitive to these airborne hydrogen molecules and they quickly bond to the protein and water molecules already present in our hair. And the drier the hair, the more likely it is to absorb outside moisture (which is why those with brittle, chemically damaged, dry hair are more susceptible to frizz). When these bonds form they cause the hair strand to swell up - disrupting the smooth outer layer of the cuticle. This gives you a coarse, “fried” appearance, commonly known as frizz. 

Now that we got the science out of the way, here are some tips and tricks for shiny, sleek hair all year round!

1. MOISTURIZE! I know it seems counterproductive to ADD moisture when fighting the humidity - but as we already know, hydrogen bonds are more likely to form in dry hair. So that means if you get chemical treatments or use a lot of heat for styling, you need to make sure you’re replacing that moisture lost in the process.

For the ultimate re-hydrator for colored or chemically treated hair, we recommend LOCK IT IN Color-Protecting Shampoo & Conditioner.

2. PROTECT! Create a shield of defense against the elements with conditioning treatments. Products with high levels of nourishing extracts can create a protective shield around the hair strand, helping to prevent the disruptive hydrogen bonds which cause frizz.

For the best line of defense, we recommend INTENSITY Leave-In Treatment & UPGRADE Quick Blow-Dry Spray. Both which contain multiple extracts proven to help prevent frizz such as sunflower seed, lemon zest, and sugar cane.

3. REPLENISH! Depending on how humid the air is,  how long you are exposed to it, or the overall condition of your hair, moisturizing and protecting alone may not be enough. If this is the case, make sure to have a smoothing serum or oil on-hand to re-stabilize the moisture in your hair. A small amount run through your fly-aways and ends should be enough to keep you frizz free until your next hair wash. It’s important to not overdue this step though or you’ll end up with greasy, heavy hair.

To smooth and shine your locks, we recommend ENHANCE Shine Serum - a unique blend of carrot and Argan oils light enough to use throughout the day but strong enough to condition and moisturize even the most damaged/dry hair. 

Now you’re equipped with all the knowledge you need to enjoy a frizz-free summer, no matter where you live! So get out there and enjoy yourself! :) 

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Turning Lemons into Great Hair – The Many Benefits of Lemon Extract

Turning Lemons into Great Hair – The Many Benefits of Lemon Extract

It should be no surprise to you that lemons are an effective cleaning agent – from household cleaners, to dish soap, to homemade cleaning solutions – lemon extract is everywhere. But what you may not have known is that Ancient Egyptians actually used lemon juice (most likely mixed with clay or another diluting ingredient) to cleanse their thick hair of grease, dirt, natural oils, and sand (I mean have you ever tried to get the sand out of your hair after a day at the beach – not an easy task!) What they discovered is that the astringent and purifying properties of the lemon were super effective at breaking through all the muck for clean, fresh hair.

Which is exactly why we included lemon extract in both our LOCK IT IN and STACKED Shampoos. In addition to cleansing the hair and scalp of buildup (and even hard water limescale), it works to balance your pH levels. Your hair’s pH typically falls within 4.5 to 5.5, but if your hair products are too strong, they can cause your hair to frizz, develop split ends or become brittle. Lemons have a pH of 2, and when used in shampoo, it can balance the pH of your hair which will reduce frizz, split ends and breakage – it’ll even work to create shine! The acidic nature of the fruit will also tighten your hair follicles, preventing hair fall and promoting healthier growth.

Another key element of lemon are its antioxidant qualities. This will prevent damage caused by environmental stresses that are regularly put on your hair (eg. UV rays, smoke, pollution, etc.) These factors can lead to premature ageing and greying, and the lemon extract will slow this process. In addition, the anti-fungal and antibacterial properties of the extract help to fight off scalp conditions that can cause dandruff.

We love lemon extract for these reasons and more, and on top of including it in our top two shampoos, we also added it to our UPGRADE Quick Blow-Dry Spray. Because the extract has those clarifying properties, it can actually regulate the production of natural oils on your scalp. When you’re at a healthy level, your hair will be bouncier, lighter, and yes – even dry quicker. The vitamin C in the lemon boosts the production of collagen as well, which repairs your porous strands (caused by heat or chemical damage), creating a shiny surface and less frizz. So the next time life hands you lemons – don’t make lemonade. Turn those lemons into great hair!


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Hair & Photo by Kayce Babinski @beautybybabinski

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