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Product Features

Real Hydration: The Benefits of ProVitamin B5

Real Hydration: The Benefits of ProVitamin B5

If you’ve ever purchased or used our LOCK IT IN Color-Protecting Shampoo, you may have noticed on the back it says “Contains ProVitamin B5” – but what is that and why is it beneficial for you? We’ve got the inside scoop, so read on!


A member of the B-Complex Vitamin family (many of which are used as popular supplements), ProVitamin B5, also referred to as panthenol, is well known in the beauty industry for its moisturizing benefits. There are several features of this additive which create shine, elasticity, and even volume. So let’s break down what those features are…


When applied to your hair or scalp, this particular vitamin is a highly effective humectant – which in layman’s terms means it promotes moisture retention. The chemical structure actually attracts moisture from the atmosphere and binds it to your hair and scalp. With all of the various chemical and heat treatments in use today, hair can become dehydrated, brittle, and dull. ProVitamin B5 will restore that moisture, resulting in stronger, more flexible hair strands – and some have even said that it expands the hair shaft to create a voluminous look. Everything on this planet grows with water – so a hydrated scalp is going to result in a healthier follicle as well.


In addition to retaining moisture, this ingredient will create a water-soluble film on the hair shaft (water soluble meaning you won’t end up with a waxy buildup.) This serves a number of purposes – first and foremost it creates a glossy finish and adds shine, giving you that fresh-from-the-salon radiance we all crave. It also acts as a detangler without adding greasiness or oiliness.


We decided to use ProVitamin B5 in our LOCK IT IN Shampoo for a couple different reasons. For one, color-treated hair needs all the moisture it can get, so this will help to reduce any damage by making the strands stronger and more pliable. Additionally, adding shine to colored hair will enhance the vibrancy – truly giving you your money’s worth. Other benefits include reduced breakage and split ends, adding softness and creating a smooth look. So if that’s something you’re after – check out LOCK IT IN today!


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Hair & Photo by Kim Bruno @kimmykimster 

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When it Comes to Your Hair - We've Got Some Sage Advice

When it Comes to Your Hair - We've Got Some Sage Advice

Sage is one of those herbs everyone knows about – either to put in food, as a fragrance, or even to rid your space of bad juju. As with most herbs, sage has been used for centuries by many different cultures for their medicinal properties, and even to combat hair loss. (In fact, sage’s scientific name is derived the Latin word “salvere” which translates to “to be saved.”) That’s why it’s no surprise that the extract from this ancient plant is a popular additive in beauty products, and why we’ve chosen it for two of our shampoos.


Sage, a member of the mint family with close relatives such as oregano, rosemary, lavender, basil and thyme, is native to the Mediterranean and South-Eastern Europe. Its earliest uses date back to ancient Roman times, who were the first to use the herb for cosmetic purposes.


So what’s in sage that benefits your hair health? Like many of the other natural extracts used in Paul Joseph Professional products, it’s packed with nutrients vital to a healthy scalp and hair, such as Vitamin A and Vitamin C (both which also act as an antioxidant – more on that later), B-Vitamins, Vitamin E, and minerals (namely potassium, calcium, manganese, zinc, iron and copper.) These nutrients work together to nourish the scalp and follicles, resulting in healthier and stronger hair. It is also thought that the compounds within the sage plant can actually darken grays, reducing the need for color touch-ups.


Hair loss can be caused by a number of different factors, such as hormones, stress, or genetics. One of the causes for alopecia is thought to be the result of an immune disorder which attacks hair follicles and damages them, reducing the blood flow to the scalp. With or without this disorder, the sage extract will actually work to promote blood flow to the scalp, therefore creating the building blocks for healthy follicles. The antioxidant properties also reduce the buildup of oils and environmental toxins that can clog the follicles, clarifying the hair for new growth.


While you may have used sage in the past to cleanse your home of bad energy, now you can use it to cleanse your hair of toxins. We used the extract in both our LOCK IT IN and STACKED shampoos for its ability to create stronger, healthier hair, and to reduce color fade. So take our “sage” advice, use it, and pass it along! :)


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Hair & Photo by Kayce Babinski @beautybybabinski

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White Oak Bark: Branching Out across the Beauty Industry

White Oak Bark: Branching Out across the Beauty Industry

If you’re from our neck of the woods (pun intended) in the Northeast of the US, you’re likely very familiar with the gigantic white oak tree. What you may not be familiar with is the variety of uses extracted from the gray-ish white, bumpy bark. Native Americans knew all about the magical healing properties derived from these large trees and soon after, the first settlers were using it too – as an antiseptic, astringent, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and even as a diuretic. Now the aforementioned uses are usually associated with an illness or wound, but you don’t have to be injured to reap the benefits for your hair.


There are many nutrients contained within the white oak bark (or quercus alba bark) extract, such as B12, iron and potassium. But the most standout component is its high tannin content (somewhere between 15-20%). Tannins, a class of astringent (drying, constricting agent), are found in a variety of things you may already consume, namely wine and tea. You also may have heard of “Tannin Smoothing”, a hair treatment used as an alternative to other chemical smoothers, which is designed to reduce frizz and increase softness. In our products, the astringent and anti-inflammatory properties of the tannins work to regulate the amount of oil in your hair/on your scalp which in turn reduces dandruff, prevents hair loss, and strengthens the hair follicle. Not only that, but your hair will stay fresher for longer – no more greasy second day hair!


While tannins might be the star of the extract, there are other elements which solve a variety of common hair issues. Flavonoids, a common plant chemical, work to protect the plant itself from harmful free-radicals (pollution, smoke, harmful UV rays, etc.) and they do the same for your hair! Quercetin, one of these flavonoids, works to strengthen the blood vessels and increase blood circulation to the scalp. This in combination with the vitamin B12 promotes healthier, faster growing hair.


So where can you find this wondrous and woody extract? We’ve included white oak bark extract in both our LOCK IT IN and STACKED Shampoos. LOCK IT IN is for color-protection, so the tannins work to smooth damaged hair and the flavonoids block against UV damage – one of the main causes of color fade. STACKED is a volumizing shampoo, so the flavonoids, vitamins, and minerals work to promote new, healthy hair growth and prevent breakage, while the tannins rid you of the oily build-up that’s preventing the lift and bounce you’re going for.  So when you’re searching for a new shampoo, take a step back towards nature and the countless benefits of the historic white oak tree!


Hair & Photo by @hairbytaypoletti

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We've Got the "Tea" on Echinacea & Chamomile Extracts for Your Hair

We've Got the

With flu season still in full effect, you’ve probably had to sip some tea to ease your pain – and it probably contained either echinacea or chamomile! Well, the extracts from these healing, herbal plants are also used in both our LOCK IT IN Color-Protecting and our STACKED Volumizing Shampoos. So why did we include these herbs in our products? Sit down, make a tea, and read on!


Echinacea, also known as the purple coneflower, has long been used as a natural remedy for its anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, and immune-boosting properties, dating back to the Native Americans over 400 years ago. Now, these aren’t really concerns people have when it comes to their hair, so why put it in shampoos? The herb’s antimicrobial properties actually work to prevent dandruff and scalp irritation, and its high concentration of vitamin C actually protects the collagen in your hair from breaking down. The extract also aids in increasing the blood circulation to the scalp, stimulating hair follicles and promoting growth.


Chamomile, another popular home-remedy herb, has been used for as many as 2000 years to treat anxiety and insomnia (hence its use in night-time teas.) But there’s much more to this sweet smelling plant. Like echinacea, it has anti-inflammatory properties that can sooth dry or irritated scalps and prevent dandruff. Furthermore, compounds contained in this plant have been known to treat oily hair, invigorate hair growth, strengthen hair roots, and hydrate dry/brittle hair. And for the blondes out there – chamomile has long been used to brighten up those sunny strands and boost shine.


The chemists for Paul Joseph Professional used these unlikely extracts for the above reasons and more. For our LOCK IT IN Shampoo for color-treated hair, they prevent hair breakage and re-hydrate chemically damaged locks, increase vibrancy (especially for blondes), and ensure healthy hair renewal. For our STACKED Volumizing Shampoo, they stimulate new hair growth, prevent breakage, strengthen hair follicles, and protect against scalp irritation or damage from UV rays, smoke and pollution. Who knew that such pretty flowered plants had such powers?


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Hair & Photo by Kayce Babinsky @beautybybabinsky
Model Kaitlyn Smith @kshakawaves 

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